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More bling bling for your new Foresight install
April 1, 2011, 09:48
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Yesterday Og Maciel wrote about new and shiny stuff to find with your Foresight Linux system. I want to add some interesting packages, i have worked on during the last two months.

  • If you are searching for a media center i want to recommend XBMC to you. It’s a media center for all your multimedia files. You can listen to your music, watch your videos, tv-series as well as your photos with it. All quiet comfortable from it’s library. In Foresight it is built with vdpau and vaapi support to run well with your video card.

XBMC Media CenterTo install it on your Foresight run:

sudo conary update xbmc

  • Second i want to show you a nice game. Frogatto is a charming ‘jump and run’ game where you have to safe your town, that is threatened by a bad guy.

You can find it in our new Gameway repository:

sudo conary update

You can help us improve your experience. Drop by our IRC channel #foresight on freenode. Your distro should be cool!


Foresight’s new splash screen
January 24, 2011, 17:21
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You may have heard about Foresight’s current ALPHA release. We need your help testing before Foresight Linux 2.5.0 can be released. You’ll see that many packages have been updated to a more current version. The final release will have more than “just that”. Also, we want to add a new splash screen to your desktop experience. Right now, there are four suggestions for this. Here are the candidates:

Now it’s your turn to decide. Which is your favorite? What should your favorite splash screen look like? Let us know via the irc channel (#foresight and #foresight-devel on Freenode).

Foresight Linux releases 2.5.0 ALPHA
January 18, 2011, 20:24
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Yesterday, we finally released the ALPHA that will become our next release. There still will be some testing needed before we can release it as stable but it’s a first step to that. Og Maciel wrote to the mailinglist:

´╗┐It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of Foresight 2.5.0 ALPHA 1 GNOME Edition!

This alpha release, is from our QA branch, and is intended mostly to receive feedback on brand new installs from end-users!

Well known for being a desktop operating system featuring an intuitive user interface and a showcase of the latest desktop software, this release brings you the latest GNOME 2.32 release, a newer Linux kernel, Xorg-Server 1.8, Conary 2.2 and a ton of updated applications!

If you want to test the ALPHA release, you have different options. End Users can try the desktop edition.

Release Media Size SHA1
2.5.0 Alpha 1 (32-bit) DVD 1.68 GB 27cdeb87b82fb653f36725ddcca0c1ef292f20b9
2.5.0 Alpha 1 (64-bit) DVD 1.86 GB b845276b35f5fd8f68ef017f3c348f3ef9d9dd89

More experienced users can try these images that use all packages from our unstable/ devel branch.

Release Media Size SHA1
2.5.0 Alpha 1 (32-bit) DVD 1.68 GB 53f96867199bdf081e87462aaf4a3d1fb11101eb
2.5.0 Alpha 1 (64-bit) DVD 1.86 GB 2d4832cb599d08cd5680c5b0a9f7e9b0a85e15d0

Developers can use these images, that include many development packages.

Release Media Size SHA1
2.5.0 Alpha 1 (32-bit) DVD 2.19 GB 27cdeb87b82fb653f36725ddcca0c1ef292f20b9
2.5.0 Alpha 1 (64-bit) DVD 2.40 GB 78487b46a26704d8076370cd83d4560a55ef27c1

Enjoy testing Foresight Linux and report issues Foresight’s issue tracker (FITS), that is available at